9:00 PM21:00


FEATURING: René Lussier - guitar

I haven’t played in Montreal in a while, and I am very much looking forward to reconnect with some of my music mates, friends, and audience members up there! Résonance Café was by far my top choice for this return, and I’m grateful to this gorgeous venue’s team for welcoming me again and for making such an important contribution to the Montreal creative music scene. Playing with amazing guitarist René Lussier will be a very special experience to me as well... Come by if you’re around!

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7:00 PM19:00


FEATURING: David Leon - sax / Jon Elbaz - keys / Jessie Cox - drums

I cannot wait to come back to the great Bushwick Public House Improvised Music Series with this amazing group of people! Many thanks to Stephen Gauci for the opportunity, and I hope some of you can come check it out!

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9:15 PM21:15


FEATURING: Brandon Lopez - bass / Francisco Mela - drums / Noa Fort - vocals / Jon Elbaz - piano

I am excited to share a bill with talented friend Matthew Daher and play at the gorgeous Scholes Street Studio for the first time! This will also be my first time playing with all of these amazing artists and I hope you can join me for this special night...

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to Dec 18


  • Bushwick Public House (map)
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FEATURING: Michael Formanek - bass / Colin Hinton - drums

I am so very excited to be playing with this amazing configuration for the first time in this great improvised music series curated by Stephen Gauci. Join us into the journey!

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8:00 PM20:00

Sound Seeing

FEATURING: Matt Mitchell - piano / Jason Levine - computational art

Seeing sounds or hearing images? Join pianist Matt Mitchell, computational artist Jason Levine, and yours truly as we meet for the first time to explore the interaction possibilities between musical improvisation and generative art. Sound waves from both instruments will be captured by Levine‘s computer and transferred into a variety of shapes, colors, and textures in real time, providing the audience with a one-of-a-kind multi-sensory experience.

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to Aug 16

Colin Hinton & Friends

We are doing it again! I am thrilled to join drummer Colin Hinton, saxophonist Angela Morris and pianist Eli Wallace for a second time. We had a lot of fun playing together in the Bushwick Improvised Music Series and I cannot wait to repeat the experience! Please join us if you're around.

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10:30 PM22:30

Lisanne Tremblay & Ecdyses

This project explores the ongoing processes of self-transformation through a journey that travels organically from various world music inspirations to free collective improvisations. The ensemble, which consists of violin, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums, attempts to push the boundaries of instrumental roles and navigates through a renewed sonic world of intricate textures to express shared human experiences such as vulnerability and strength.

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