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"An imaginative and agile Québécoise violinist." JazzTimes

"Tremblay can take the heat. She has technique in abundance. Her tone is impressively pure, she displays superb articulation and she’s not afraid to use the full range of her instrument." DownBeat Magazine

"A star on the rise, her compositions sound like no one else." All About Jazz

“This violinist has an original language, a strong technique, and a very interesting sound.” Didier Lockwood


08/17 - New project "Ecdyses" in the lab

My new project Ecdyses has come to life lately thanks to the incredible musicality and contributions of Liberty Ellman, Gerald Cleaver, Stephan Crump, E.J.Strickland, John Hébert, and Devin Gray. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to present my new pieces in some of Brooklyn and New York's great venues. I have been writing more music for this project over the last few weeks and am looking forward to presenting it to you soon! Stay tuned for more details about exciting upcoming performances...

04/17 - spotlight in nyc's hot house jazz magazine

Beautiful spotlight on my music came out in Hot House Jazz Magazine today. Many thanks to Seton Hawkins for promoting my art with such amazing words: "a gifted improviser with a highly unconventional yet utterly arresting melodic gift, Lisanne puts the full expressive powers of the violin on display and makes a compelling case for the instrument's broader inclusion in modern jazz."


Huge thanks to Sulei Jones Ly and everybody from The Cell Theatre for welcoming my band in their jazz series. Very grateful to Liberty Ellman, Stephan Crump, and E.J. Strickland for bringing their magic to my music!